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Snow Removal

GRM understands that snow removal is a 24-hour, 7 days a week business. Our reliable snow removal professionals are licensed and trusted by some of North America’s leading companies and government organizations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, and NWT.

Anti-Ice Control

GRM utilizes the latest and most effective anti-icing products for snow and ice control throughout Western Canada. Our anti-icing products are safe for the environment and are effective at extremely low freezing points. Combined with our superior application methods, GRM’s anti-ice control system will help keep your outdoor space safe.

Lot Sweeping

GRM offers professional sweeping services for both roadways and parking lots. Our Dustless Sweepers, Skidsteer Mounted Brooms and experienced operators can tackle sweeping jobs of any scale quickly and effectively.

Line Painting

The lines on your roadway or parking lot will fade and disintegrate over time. To ensure safe and orderly use of your road or parking lot, GRM offers line painting services for organizations and businesses throughout Western Canada.

Landscape Maintenance

Curb appeal isn’t just for residential homes. Your company can benefit from landscape maintenance, ensuring a tidy outdoor space that leaves your customers with the best possible impression. GRM’s landscape maintenance services account for the supply of plant material and products, upkeep, mowing, soil testing, and more.

Sealants, Coatings, & Caulking

As part of our robust service offering, GRM provides sealant, coating, and caulking for businesses and organizations across Western Canada. This includes new caulking applications, removal and re-installation of failed applications, building envelope air and vapor barriers, concrete pre-cast panel joint caulking, and much more.


Firestopping is a fire protection system used to seal openings and joints in a wall or floor assembly that is fire-resistance rated. The GRM team are experts in firestopping services, ensuring that your property meets necessary regulations and requirements, and helping to protect your property from the spread of fire.

Shot Blasting

From surface prep to blasting

Whether you’re looking to prep or decontaminate industrial flooring, perform surface maintenance, or blast asphalt, our Blastrac 10DPS75-230 can get the job done. The Blastrac’s 10 inch blasting width, 98 feet per minute travel speed and a dust collector attachment make it perfect for jobs of any scale. The Blastrac is rented with an experienced operator to ensure that your project is completed safely and effectively. For more information, please contact GRM.

Floor Coatings

GRM provides clients across Western Canada with floor coating applications that meet their unique needs. Floor coating applications include epoxy floor systems, polyurethane concrete floor systems, and methyl methacrylate floor systems. No matter your company’s needs, the GRM team can help you select the floor coating system that meets your needs.