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Why Choose GRM As Your Calgary Landscape Maintenance Contractors?

For those in need of Calgary landscape maintenance services, GRM is the general contractor to call. It is difficult to figure out which landscaping contractor to hire for your commercial property. We have staff at GRM available to assist in the planning and implementing the best possible technology and maintenance plan for landscape services in commercial properties.  Commercial properties such as Malls, Stratas, Business owners (Walmarts and Super Stores), strip malls or plazas, etc. should choose our company to ensure that the commercial and industrial properties have an outdoor aesthetic that matches what customers will find on the inside.

  • GRM Provides Professional Landscaping and Commercial Services
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Calgary Landscaping Services Include:

Shrub and Tree Maintenance Calgary

We include all trees and shrubs located within the boundaries of the contract. We supply all plant material and products, watering, fertilization, cultivating, edging, pruning, thinning, brushing, trimming, guying, staking, mulch placement and removal, tree shrub removal (including stumping and removal from site). Planting to replace dead or stolen plants, installation and removal of winter protection for designated plant material. We will not fall, cut, log, damage, destroy or remove any trees and shrubs without prior signed consent. We also provide irrigation shut down in fall and spring start up.

Turf Maintenance

We supply all plant material and products, machine and manual cutting, trimming, seeding, edging, disease/weed/pest/small animal control, over seeding, sodding, aerating, de-thatching, top dressing, watering, grading, fertilizing, soil testing, winter damage repair and spring clean up.

Ground Covers and Climbing Vines

We include all ground covers and climbing vines located within the boundaries of property.

Flowers, Bulbs and Perennials

We will keep your flower beds and bulbs healthy and free of weeds through pruning, thinning, bed maintenance, edging and weeding.

Civil Maintenance

We keep all pathways, parking lots, and sidewalks clean and free of debris. We can advise and quote you for any maintenance required, or safety issues to be addressed on your property.

Additional Facility Management Services In Calgary:

Calgary Landscape Maintenance FAQ Section

Employing a Calgary landscape maintenance contractor for a business property is a must. GRM is a business that offers maintenance and secure landscape services for commercial buildings throughout the year. Our Calgary landscaping contractors are committed to the highest standards of health, safety, honesty, respect, and operational brilliance in everything we do.

What are Some Typical Maintenance Activities for Calgary Landscaping Contractors?

GRM Calgary landscaping contractors are comprehensive and tailor services to each customer’s needs. For those in need of Calgary landscape maintenance, GRM provides a broad selection of options. Calgary landscaping contractors do maintenance tasks such as:

  • Snow and ice management utilizing anti-icing systems;
  • The care of flower beds and bulbs;
  • Maintenance of Grass, Trees, and Shrubs;
  • Sealants and coatings cover various applications, from protective coatings to ornamental paint jobs;
  • Maintenance and mending of curbs;

What are the Common Mistakes Calgary Landscapers Make?

Attracting tenants to commercial buildings is difficult since they need constant maintenance like landscaping and inspections. The onus is on the facility management to arrange for regular maintenance and emergency repairs to be made. Landscapers make a few frequent blunders that may have a domino effect on the condition of a property. Landscapers often err in their maintenance of commercial properties by, for example, not recommending updated machinery for the business, dismissing minor damage as unimportant, placing a higher value on saving money than on ensuring the safety of their clients, and not installing adequate insulation. Cheap is not quality, which might lead to more difficulty; facility managers should keep that in mind to limit future landscape damage to a business site. Calgary residents should use only the most trustworthy, dependable, and experienced landscaping companies.

What Should You Not Do When Landscaping?

Regarding landscape issues, facility managers often ignore or attempt to solve them themselves. It is not a good idea to save money by having an inexperienced worker do a landscaping task because doing so actually increases the likelihood of complications. Facility managers need the most potent instruments to assess, diagnose, and repair commercial landscaping issues; thus, DIY repair is not recommended. In addition, for the effects to last, landscaping services should be performed by licensed professionals with expertise.

What is a Calgary Landscape Maintenance Program?

A contractor’s landscape maintenance program is a package of services designed specifically for the client’s business property requirements. Dependent on the client’s specific needs, landscape maintenance businesses provide a variety of service plans. Corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, risk-based maintenance, and condition-based maintenance are all landscape maintenance programs. Regarding commercial property landscaping, GRM offers the most effective solutions and programs. Managers of commercial properties must choose a maintenance plan carefully to guarantee that all problems are fixed. It does no good to focus on fixing just some of the damages. It’s great to work with Calgary landscaping contractors who can do many upkeep and repair types.

What does a Calgary Landscape Maintenance Manager Do?

Maintaining a landscaping project requires a dedicated team of professionals. The landscape manager’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, overseeing and organizing the work of outside landscaping contractors. A landscape maintenance manager’s other duty is to watch after the staff while they use sophisticated landscaping equipment. The manager also conducts assessments of landscapes and their ecosystems, drafts contracts, advises commercial managers on the long-term care and development of landscape services, and monitors landscape contractors to ensure they follow all safety regulations.

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