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Why Hire GRM to Do Your Line Painting Calgary?

GRM provides year round property maintenance services which include high quality, durable line painting services.

For commercial and strata properties in Calgary, GRM is available, where weather permits, to paint lines that will last. Inquire about their no-cost consultation and quote services if you’re a commercial manager. Call GRM if you need commercial property line painting Calgary since we are dedicated to meeting the demands of our clients and offering outstanding service and customer engagement such as:

  • GRM Provides Professional Line Painting and Commercial Services;
  • Focused On Commercial Properties and Stratas;
  • Cost Effective Pricing & Estimates;
  • Provides Excellent Service;
  • Prevent driver Confusion and Keep People Safe With Clear, Visible Lines;
  • Award Winning Company;
  • Always Friendly, Courteous, and Knowledgeable Staff.

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Calgary Line Painting FAQ Section

GRM provides year round property maintenance services which include high quality, durable line painting services.

What is Calgary Line Painting?

Parking lots at businesses often have lines painted on the parking lot to indicate where cars are allowed to park and where they are not. Typically, the lines will be white or yellow. Calgary’s line painters are vital to keeping commercial parking lots safe by subtly communicating with motorists about which lanes to use and where to park. Property maintenance companies can arrange the line painting Calgary to fit the look and feel of your commercial space. Calgary’s well-defined road markings make the commercial parking lots safer for drivers and pedestrians. Additionally, line drawings may aid in lowering insurance costs and liability concerns in the event of an accident. Hatching lines, stall lines, no parking signs, speed bumps, arrows, stop bars, accessible stalls, and so on are all examples of Calgary line painting for a business parking lot.

What Paint is Used for Parking Lot Line Painting Calgary?

Calgary line painting is of high quality and meets all federal specifications for durability.  Every year, as per the terms of the contract with the property management business, you must have the lines painted on the pavement touched up. Because of its low VOC content, water-based acrylic paint is often used for Calgary line painting. It’s excellent for businesses with parking lots frequented by individuals who aren’t wearing protective gear. Due to the colour of the paint, Calgary line painting may be adapted to various commercial property layouts and specifications.  Commercial managers can use the paint due to its adaptability in various commercial parking lots made from various substrates.

What Paint to Use for Line Striping Calgary?

  • For a better-looking business parking lot, line striping is a must. Line striping paints used by commercial property managers include;
  • Waterborne paints are standard in Line Stripping commercial properties because they do not produce fumes and are easy to use and clean;
  • Reflective Paints – car headlights light up the beads, which increases parking lot visibility at night. The paint is suitable for snow and icy conditions; making it perfect for line painting Calgary commercial properties.

How Long Does Striping Paint Last?

Commercial parking lot safety and security are top priorities for building managers who want to keep customers returning. Commercial parking lot line striping has a lifespan of a year to two years, give or take, depending on the volume of vehicle activity. The lifespan of line striping paint is affected by several variables, including the surface substrate, the material and apparatus used in line stripping, the amount of traffic, and the weather. Restriping business parking lots on schedule is essential to avoid fines and penalties for breaking the laws of the parking lot. If you want to avoid trouble with the law, consult with the property care business you deal with about how long you should wait to repaint.

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