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Why Hire GRM Inc. As Your Official Commercial Landscaping Vancouver and Surrounding Area Contractor?

GRM Inc.’s commercial landscaping programs are all about enhancing the natural beauty of your business. A well-designed landscape can drastically improve the curb appeal for your business. GRM’s experienced landscape contractors in Vancouver can provide a wide range of maintenance services aside from the usual landscape service such as commercial garden maintenance, stormwater management, and tree pruning and removal; our seasoned team can also design landscaping for commercial properties.

Commercial landscaping is not just about aesthetics; it also positively impacts the bottom line. According to research, attractive commercial landscaping can positively impact the value of a property in the following ways:

Benefits For Choosing GRM Inc’s Commercial Vancouver Landscaping Services

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Vancouver Landscaping Services Include:

Shrub and Tree Maintenance Vancouver

We include all trees and shrubs located within the boundaries of the contract. We supply all plant material and products, watering, fertilization, cultivating, edging, pruning, thinning, brushing, trimming, guying, staking, mulch placement and removal, tree shrub removal (including stumping and removal from site). Planting to replace dead or stolen plants, installation and removal of winter protection for designated plant material. We will not fall, cut, log, damage, destroy or remove any trees and shrubs without prior signed consent. We also provide irrigation shut down in fall and spring start up.

Turf Maintenance

We supply all plant material and products, machine and manual cutting, trimming, seeding, edging, disease/weed/pest/small animal control, over seeding, sodding, aerating, de-thatching, top dressing, watering, grading, fertilizing, soil testing, winter damage repair and spring clean up.

Ground Covers and Climbing Vines

We include all ground covers and climbing vines located within the boundaries of property.

Flowers, Bulbs and Perennials

We will keep your flower beds and bulbs healthy and free of weeds through pruning, thinning, bed maintenance, edging and weeding.

Civil Maintenance

We keep all pathways, parking lots, and sidewalks clean and free of debris. We can advise and quote you for any maintenance required, or safety issues to be addressed on your property.

Commercial Landscaping Vancouver FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Landscaping in Vancouver For Your Business?

A well-designed landscape around the business attracts customers and makes them feel better about visiting your establishment. Having a healthy, attractive landscape can save you money on maintenance. Plus, it provides an opportunity to showcase your company’s environmental commitment by using plant material native to the local ecosystem.

Well-designed commercial Vancouver landscape can increase your business’s privacy and security levels. Dense plant materials can create a barrier between customers and the grounds, thereby enhancing your customer’s privacy. Commercial landscaping in Vancouver also helps reduce crime rates. A well-designed landscape will visually hide any objects or junk that you don’t want your by customers or passersby to notice.

If you want to drive your profit margins, you should consider providing “extras” for your clients. The key is to provide something that will make customers feel special. There is a reason florists are full of flowers – people love to look at attractive arrangements, making them feel good when they’re around them.

A well-designed landscape creates a beautiful environment that attracts potential customers. This can help your business to improve its market value by enhancing the business’s curb appeal. There are many ways to create a beautiful garden, and using GRM’s commercial landscaping in Vancouver is likely the right one for your business.  Fill out the form below for your FREE No Obligation Quote.  You can also call us.  It will be the best business discusion that you can make for your commercial landscaping needs.

What Are The Common Mistakes that Vancouver Landscapers Make?

Because there are many professional landscapers in Vancouver, finding one that will meet your expectations is challenging. Inexperienced landscapers who are new to the field can end up causing more problems than they solve. Here is a list of common mistakes that you should try to avoid:

1. Planting Trees Too Deeply

Trees are usually planted deep into the ground to give them a solid foundation. However, some inexperienced people tend to plant them too deeply, resulting in the tree’s roots needing help to reach the water and nutrients it needs. This will cause the tree to become stunted in its growth. An unappealing look for landscaping impacts your property’s aesthetic value and can damage your business’s foundation.

2. Over or Under Watering Plants

Many new landscapers make the mistake of watering plants too much or not enough. Excess water can cause the roots of plants to rot, while insufficient water can cause them to wither and die. To properly irrigate plants, it is necessary to regularly test their moisture level and only water them when needed. The view of the landscaping of your business will be greatly affected by both excess and insufficient watering, so it is best to know how to do it properly.

3. Improper Pruning

With the right tools and experience, it is possible to prune trees and shrubs successfully. However, a inexperienced people in Vancouver need to realize how much work it takes to prune plants. The wrong tools can leave scars on the tree’s bark and make it look damaged. Another common mistake is not pruning their plants early enough. Employing GRM Inc.’s service of commercial landscapers is necessary for expert level results.

4. Planting in the Wrong Place

Organized beds are essential to a well-designed landscape. These beds can be used both as ornamentation and to deliver excess water and nutrients to plants efficiently. With them, it will be easier for the plant to receive what it needs. It is important to note that landscapers in Vancouver follow a set of rules before planting the first seed or cutting a piece of sod. For example, there should be at least five feet of free space around the base of each tree before it is planted.

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