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Why GRM Is The #1 Choice Among Kelowna Landscaping Companies For All Your Commercial Landscaping Needs.

GRM Inc’s Kelowna landscaping services will both maintain and improve the health of your property.  Our main objective is to add value whenever possible, offering guidance on best practices and recommendations for enhancing your property as it matures.  These services and recommendations may range from complete landscape renovation to small site improvements.

GRM is the largest facility contract management company in Western Canada.  Our reach allows you to cordinate multi-location landscaping projects from one central point.  Our award winning team provides continuity in its services so that each location’s landscaping is as breathtaking as the last.  Get in touch with us for your FREE commercial site visit and assessment today.

Kelowna Landscaping Services May Include:

Kelowna Landscaping: Tree and Shrub Maintenance

We include all trees/shrubs located within the boundaries of the contract. We supply all plant material and products, watering, disease/weed/pest/small animal control, fertilization, cultivating, edging, pruning, thinning, brushing, trimming, guying, staking, mulch placement and removal, tree shrub removal (including stumping and removal from site). Planting to replace dead or stolen plants, installation and removal of winter protection for designated plant material. We will not fall, cut, log, damage, destroy or remove any trees/shrubs without prior signed consent.

Kelowna Landscaping Services: Turf Maintenance

We supply all plant material and products, machine and manual cutting, trimming, seeding, edging, disease/weed/pest/small animal control, over seeding, sodding, aerating, de-thatching, top dressing, watering, grading, fertilizing, soil testing, winter damage repair and spring clean up.

Kelowna Landscaping Expert Tip: Perform Routine Visual Inspections

“Problems with your asphalt can arise quickly. Perform inspections seasonally to discern where issues such as developing cracks, standing water, or asphalt failure have occurred. These problems require immediate attention to fill and seal the cracks, clear drains or fix potholes. Allowing these issues to persist will result in bigger headaches and larger expenses down the road.”


Ken Johnston
Regional Manager

Kelowna Landscaping Service: Ground Covers and Climbing Vines

We include all ground covers and climbing vines located within the boundaries of property.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Even the best irrigation system can waste water if it is run too long or operated incorrectly. You might be able to save water by regularly maintaining your irrigation system. Services include: Test and Repair, Adjust Heads, Set Controllers, Calibrate, and Repeat throughout the year.

Flowers, Bulbs and Perennials

We will keep your flower beds and bulbs healthy and free of weeds through pruning, thinning, bed maintenance, edging and weeding.

Civil Maintenance

Our Kelowna landscaping services include GRM Inc. clearing all pathways, parking lots, and sidewalks clean and free of debris. We can advise and quote you for any maintenance required, or safety issues to be addressed on your property.

Additional Facility Management Services Within Kelowna:

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