Commercial Snow Removal

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At GRM, we understand that snow removal is a 24/7 business.

We are fully insured and employ experienced, snow removal operators that are available 24/7 throughout Western Canada. We are proud to have SIMA Certified Snow Professionals (CSM), and Advanced Snow Managers (ASM) on call for all your snow removal needs.

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GRM manages over 3500 commercial and strata properties and has access to numerous crews and equipment strategically placed throughout the country, giving us the ability to be anywhere, anytime.

Large property owners and management groups can now deal with one company to service their needs across Western Canada, saving you time, money and resources.

Commercial Winter Services Include:

Additional Facility Management Services:

Commercial Snow Removal – Expert Tips

“We recommend avoiding the use of any sand on our clients’ sites for commercial snow removal. We recommend calcium chloride anti-ice liquid instead. It’s a far superior application with much better results. Sand acts like sandpaper and is hard on asphalt, line paint, landscape, and catch basins.”


Ken Johnston
Regional Manager

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