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GRM Sealants & Coatings Inc offers Firestopping in the Okanagan, Vancouver Island, and the Lower Mainland.

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Through Service & Blank Penetration Firestopping

Standard firestopping cUL systems to any service penetrations and openings through all rated wall or floor assemplies that meet S101. This may include electrical, mechanical plumbing, sprinkler systems, data & communication, electrical, structural and misc blank openings.

Wall Perimeter, Curtain Wall and other Joint Firestopping

Firestopping cUL systems designed for wall perimeter and curtain wall joint applications varying from a simple smoke seal to hourly ratings. These systems can be installed by utilizing a spray on material or a caulking material depending on the required finish.

Cable Trays and special penetrations requiring re-penetration

Cable trays carrying communication or electrical cables may require service upgrades or additional cables run through the rated assembly after the fact. Special cUL systems are designed with a variety of firestop products that allow easy re-penetration. This technology is advancing quickly to now include specially designed intumescent sleeves that can be installed in rated assemblies quickly and can be opened and closed when needed.

Fire Protection Steel Coating

The fire protection steel spray is a water-based, low VOC spray which allows for fast, easy and safe clean up. Featuring a reduced dry time, it helps increase productivity for a variety of applications. And with up to a 4 hour fire rating, common uses include wide flange steel columns, hollow section columns, restrained and unrestrained beams and steel floor and form unit. This application is perfect for open design structures that require painting.

Special Structural Expansion Joints requiring a Fire Rating

Specialty applications where a structural expansion joint is required to have a fire rating and be watertight all while allowing movement can be overcome with specially designed silicone/foam seals with embedded intumescent/fire retardant material. Applications include any fire-rated walls/floors/decks in hospitals, elevator towers, bridges, stadiums & arenas.

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