Floor Coatings

GRM provides clients across Western Canada with floor coating applications that meet their unique needs. Floor coating applications include epoxy floor systems, polyurethane concrete floor systems, and methyl methacrylate floor systems. No matter your needs, the GRM team can help you select the floor coating system that will provide the optimum durability, traction, and visual impact that you are looking for.

Floor coating clients include Residential & Strata Garage coatings, sometimes also known as man-caves, as shown here. GRM also has you covered for large-scale commercial floor coating applications, shown here at Growers Supply, in Oliver, BC. The floor coating process can include stripping of the floors, repairing, and leveling as needed, and is followed by a custom coating for your application requirements. Floor coatings not only look amazing, and bring old concrete back to life, but they can also offer an easier cleanable surface, added traction, and add long life to your floors.

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