The BCLC project utilized a suite of commercial services of GRM Sealants and Coatings Division.
Starting with Shot blasting, a process that uses small steel pellets to profile concrete floors. It is useful in the removal of damaged concrete and contaminates before the application of a new surface.
Repairs were made, and cracks were sealed providing a clean slate and even bondable surface for the coating application.

Certain traffic coatings can help to protect concrete against water damage as well as chemical damage (which can occur when different fluids leak from parked cars onto the concrete).

Other traffic coatings may help to preserve any markings painted on the concrete to prevent them from fading over time as a result of exposure to weather as well as constant pressure from vehicles. Then there are the more heavy-duty traffic coatings, which are designed to protect concrete in the harshest environments such as rooftop parkades exposed to harsh seasonal elements like the BCLC property.

Project Details


April 9, 2021