Keep your property looking like new with lot sweeping, line painting, pressure washing, litter pick, landscape and building envelope repairs.

GRM pioneered pro-active anti-icing programs throughout Western Canada, and continues to provide innovative solutions and services with a focus on safety for our valued clients.

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your property. Let our team help you budget and plan your maintenance services.

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Specializing in Sealants & Coatings for new construction, commercial, strata and multi-unit buildings.

Who We Are

Your 4 Season Property Maintenance Experts

GRM provides year round solutions for exterior and interior property safeguarding and maintenance to commercial, retail, airport, municipal, government and strata communities, as well as new build development.



Reach out to get started on an estimate for your 4 season property maintenance or project.

Where We Are

Serving Western Canada

We are proud to service over 500 communities across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and Northwest Territories. GRM is a single accountable company offering infinite commercial and strata property maintenance services to any community in Western Canada.

Built on a reputation of safety, operational excellence, relationships, integrity and respect, GRM is committed to our clients that value and demand excellence in everything we do.


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