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Line Painting For Kelowna and Surrounding Areas

GRM provides year round property maintenance services which include high quality, durable line painting services.

Line Painting, also known as Pavement Markings, Line Marking, Line Striping are all one in the same.  GRM utilizes the Graco LineLazer 3400 Airless Line Striper.  There is no other pavement line striping system and service provider who can offer you better quality, performance, durability or efficiency. Make your parking lot visible and safe for your clients, employees, and tenants.

Benefits Of Line Painting For Kelowna Businesses Include:

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Kelowna Line Painting Expert Tip

“A motorist relies on line painting and pavement markings for guidance, positioning and information. Unless all markings are uniform and visibly clear, motorists may be confused and uncertain of the purpose of the markings. If the lines are worn or incorrect, they should be repainted and corrected in accordance with local regulations. Easily visible and understandable pavement markings and line painting combined with signage will help prevent or minimize liability issues and can help to reduce insurance premiums. We use only MTO approved traffic paints including new paints that dry in approximately 15 minutes making it ideal for re-opening parking lots quicker.”


Ken Johnston
Regional Manager

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