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Professional Lot and Street Sweeping Services

Property and Lot Sweeping

With our lot sweeping service, GRM provides your property with a thorough power sweeping service for commercial and strata properties throughout Western Canada.  From getting a single sweeping to regular road and parking lot sweeping, we can do it all.  Parking lot cleaning and our lot sweeping service will keep your property clean and inviting.

Street Sweeping

Whether you want to maintain laneways, parking lots or streets in certain areas, keep your roads clear and safe with regular street sweeping.  Reduce the maintenance required for your roads in the long term and extend the life of your asphalt surfaces.

Parking Lot Cleaning & Lot Sweeping Benefits:

Additional Kelowna Services:

Street Sweeping Expert Tip: Have Your Parking Lot Professionally Swept Twice a Year

“Frequent cleaning of the lot removes the dirt and debris that tend to accumulate. Too much grime creates prime conditions for standing water. When this occurs, the water weakens the surface and begins to seep into the substrate to cause more deterioration. Having a professional lot sweep also helps you to protect your lot as well as see any potential problems that might be developing so you can prevent further and more costly damage.”


Ken Johnston
Regional Manager

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