A commercial building needs to be in top-notch condition to attract visitors and occupants. Colours fading from the exteriors or flaking can pose a cosmetic disaster for the building owner as it may look awful to the onlookers. People vandalizing the exterior walls with graffiti or the colour simply fading due to weathering need to be fixed as well. There are some tell-tale signs that your commercial building requires a repainting endeavor. Let’s delve into some of these signs that indicate it’s time for a paint job:

Commercial Building Painters Services Are Likely Needed When Your Paint Is Fading Out

This is the most obvious sign. As a commercial building owner, you would know painting an entire building is an expensive affair. Initially, painting is included in the construction budget whereas repainting a building is different. Over time, the paint will start fading and the weathering effects will get stronger due to exposure to air pollution or UV lights from the sun.

Unless you choose to repaint a building laced with faded exterior paint, your property may soon start giving an ancient vibe, which is something you should avoid. The best thing to do here is to get it repainted. Make a note that you just don’t have to repaint, you have to hire professionals and invest in quality paint materials to make it last longer.

There Is Visible Mold and Mildew Growth

The paint on a commercial building doesn’t just give an aesthetic look but protects it from elements such as exposure to sun, snow, rain, etc. However, with time, the paint begins to lose its integrity and that’s where things can take a U-turn. You will find dark and blotchy patches on the exterior walls, which are nothing but mold and mildew growing over porous surfaces. The chances of mold growth are intensified if your building is in a high moisture region.

Although you can constantly clean the surfaces to get rid of any unwanted growth, you will eventually have to undergo a paint job. Many paints are available in the market that offer resistance to mold growth and with that, it will give your property a much-needed facelift.

Frequent Pressure Washing Leaves a Mark

If you often avail of pressure washing services on your building’s exterior, do note that doing so frequently can and will cause harm to the paint as well. Pressured water can seep into the walls, cracks and crannies, promoting mold growth, peeling off paint or causing structural damage to the building if the water reaches support columns or electrical wirings.

Paint Bubbles and Blisters Are Visible

Some of the most uncanny effects of a dying paint job are the bubbles and blisters on the walls. There are countless reasons behind bubbling and blistering, but you need to fix it before it worsens. Paint bubbles are a tell-tale sign of underlying damage to the paint surface that should be ironed out at the earliest. It is one of the prominent signs that you need a quality paint job for your building immediately.

You Are Rebranding Your Commercial Building

The paint job on a commercial building is the first thing customers/visitors see before walking inside. An IKEA outlet might not look good with a faded exterior paint job. So, repainting appears to be a great option. Apart from that, your building might be looking for a revamp and there’s nothing that can’t be achieved with a paint job. Repainting the building to embrace and express the beginning of something new will give it a branding of its own and attract the footfall you’re hoping for.

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