June 10, 2022

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5 Things You Should Know About Plumbing

Commercial plumbing for Victoria BC is a crucial sector. The usage and requirement of plumbing in commercial properties are always at their peak. However, if this sector gets overlooked by the facility manager, it can put immense pressure on business expenses as repairing water damage is expensive. Also, be it a running tap or clogged sink—it can cause inconvenience to your employees or tenants, leading to dissatisfaction. This happens because not everyone has the knowledge of Commercial plumbing for Victoria. Here are five things that you should know about plumbing.

Commercial Plumbing For Victoria: Automatic Leak Detectors

Internal leakage is alarming for commercial property owners, as it can damage the foundation of the building if not repaired on time. Also, many leaks are not evident initially and can only be seen when it starts affecting the property. Therefore, facility managers can schedule the audit for internal pipes by calling professional plumbers. They have advanced leak detection devices that help them spot damage. Plus, they examine the pipes closely, so even if there is minor damage, they fix it on time, preventing significant damage.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is generally installed in commercial high-rise buildings so that water can be equally supplied to all the floors. Minor damage to a water pump can result in water pressure fluctuation in the entire building. Also, high water pressure can damage the building structure and cause accidents in times like floods or heavy rains. Hence, it is essential to check whether the water pump is in the best condition.

Routine Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of spending money repairing the damage, spend it on inspecting the plumbing system. Call a professional and get your commercial plumbing system checked thoroughly. Professional plumbers will update you about the plumbing conditions and repair minor damages. Also, they will suggest what you need to replace or install to improve the plumbing system’s efficiency. This will help you save money and provide better service to your tenants and employees.

Plumbing Appliances

Ensure that all plumbing appliances like taps and flushes are functioning correctly. If they have loosened up or are not working, a problem may need to be fixed. Also, know where the valve of each plumbing appliance is, so if the water breaks out in the bathroom, you can shut off the valve. Let the employees also know, so in case the staff is not available, they can shut off the valve and prevent further damage.

Chemical Usage

No matter how many online sources suggest using chemicals to fix minor issues, DO NOT USE THEM. Chemical rots the sewer line and underground pipes and weakens drain pipes, increasing the business expenses.

Commercial properties are responsible for employee safety and business expenses. Routine maintenance can ensure the proper function of the plumbing system. Contact GRM Inc. for commercial plumbing system maintenance. From snow management to summer maintenance, we provide service for all seasons. Our solutions-driven team knows how to prevent and fix damages efficiently and effortlessly.

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