October 3, 2022

2.6 mins read

5 Common Commercial Property Maintenance Mistakes

Owning a commercial property is extremely challenging as you must constantly check its condition, schedule maintenance and replace or repair damages timely. Facility managers often overlook maintenance aspects due to their busy schedules or carelessness. This impacts the employees and the organization that works on the property. Even if facility managers take responsibility for maintenance, they hire the wrong contractors or do it themselves to save money. This only amplifies the problem and leads to higher costs in the future. Here are some common commercial property maintenance mistakes:

Failing to Insulate the Commercial Property

While every property has insulation, not every property has the proper insulation. There is a method of choosing insulation for the building. One has to identify the climatic conditions, material inflammability, material toxicity, material durability and other aspects. If facility managers fail to consider these factors while choosing insulation, they will pay for damages caused by extreme weather. Hire a professional while installing insulation, and if it’s already installed, schedule its maintenance.

Ignoring or Repairing Damages Yourself

Sometimes, facility managers may ignore a problem or try to fix it themselves. Both instances have disastrous consequences. Ignorance intensifies the problem, while DIYs may create a new set of problems. As a novice, you may not have the appropriate equipment and tools to fix, repair or inspect the problem. In addition, you may lack the knowledge of techniques to fix the issues and end up worsening the situation. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional and prevent massive damage.

Prioritizing Cost Savings Over Safety

If you manage to get a contractor at a lower price, there are chances that they are not trustworthy—some property maintenance companies do not purchase compensation and liability insurance for their workers. So if anything happens to their workers, you will have to face legal liabilities along with the company. In another scenario, if they are not charging high prices, their work quality may also be low. This directly impacts your business, employees and expenses. It is better to pay a higher fee than jeopardize safety.

Hiring an Inefficient Maintenance Service

Inefficient service could mean having a hidden price, a high rate of accidents, suspicious work history, etc. You will damage your property even more if you don’t check the company’s reliability, credibility, experience and history. Such companies don’t use advanced technology and tools to fix the issues or fix damages temporarily or worsen them. Check and compare the reviews, services and experience before finalizing the property maintenance company.

Keeping Age-Old Appliances in the Company

Old is not always gold. If your plumbing system, HVAC appliances and other features in the building have gone out of date, replace them immediately. Some facility managers avoid replacing them, which increases their utility bills. Hire property maintenance professionals, as they will be better judges in choosing the suitable appliance for your property.

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GRM Inc. provides property maintenance services. Our professionals will guide you through the maintenance process, so you know what we are doing every step of the way. We also customize our services as per your requirements. Connect with us to learn more.


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