A fire, and especially smoke, can spread quickly through a building if there are no firestops and separation protocols followed to mitigate such catastrophic events. Poorly installed or missing fire stopping services can worsen the situation as the system is inadequate for isolating the fire to a single or fewer compartments. There are certain considerations for commercial buildings’ business when it comes to fire stopping services. Let’s explore them in detail.

What is Fire Stopping Services?

Fire stopping services is a UL tested fire protection system used to maintain fire separations between floors and walls to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading. Blank openings, joints, or gaps between any pipes, cables, unused holes, etc. require a firestop system. It can have varied configurations, each with its different listings and ratings.

Types of Firestops

There are various types of firestops, including pillows, putties, caulks, intumescent collars, and others. What a building or establishment needs is based on the type of penetration, the material used, and other factors.

Considerations for Fire Stopping Services

Firestop Listings

When looking for fire stopping services, listings are crucial. It means that a particular firestop system has been tested to ensure the system will last for the allotted amount of time. The test standard used, performance and fire rating achieved, or limitations are all included in this listing.

Firestop Ratings

Ratings, on the other hand, give an indication of the duration that the firestop system is able to perform without allowing the spread of fire or smoke. An ‘F rating’ is the time a firestop system prevents the passage of flame through an opening and passes the hose stream test as determined by the ASTM and ULC testing standards. T rating is the time for temperature of the unexposed surface of the firestop system or any penetrating item to rise 325 degrees above its initial temperature as determined by CAN/ULC-S115.

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