September 5, 2022

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Fire Prevention on Construction Sites

Fire Prevention on Construction Sites can help your aviod a catastrophic eventfrom happening. However, a fire in a commercial building is likely to cause more harm. Workplaces must provide and ensure a safe environment for their employees. Fires can cause irreversible damage, and proper safety guidelines and fire drills ensure no people get hurt. However, in the event of a fire, the building is exposed to searing flames, likely affecting its internal structure. There are many choices when investing in fire safety for your construction build, but now all products are created equal. The Hilti all-weather high-build spray is a superior and highly effective tool for fire-stopping. It is a two-component intumescent steel firestopping coating that can protect the internal structure of your building during a fire. Here are three reasons why you should choose the Hilti All Weather High Build Spray for Firestopping:

Fire Prevention on Construction Sites: All-Weather Application

The Hilti All Weather High Build Spray is applied to a clean, dry steel surface. The spray is highly convenient and has a broad temperature and humidity range for the application process. It’s often used for Fire Prevention on Construction Sites.  The Hilti spray withstands both internal and external exposure making it very efficient. The sprays have a wide range of application temperatures, ranging from -15 to 50℃. The sprayed surface can be exposed to the weather in as little as 1 hour.

Ease of Use

The Hilti All Weather High Build Spray is not only applicable in all kinds of weather conditions but is also incredibly easy to apply. It is designed to function with single-component airless sprayers, providing a smoother finish catering to the aesthetic appeal. To ensure product performance, the spray must be used only by Hilti-trained and accredited installers. It is easy and quick, and its fast productivity ensures no time is wasted during application. There is no waiting period for the product, which further adds to efficiency. The spray dries to the touch in 30 minutes and can also be applied via brush or roller for touch-ups and maintenance.

Components of the Spray

The Hilti All Weather High Build Spray for fire-stopping is a solvent-based spray. This spray is great for Fire Prevention on Construction Sites.  No primer before the application is required, which makes the process hassle-free. The Hilti spray comes in two parts, part A (white) and part B (translucent black), which are mixed for application. The spray is highly competent in preventing damage to the internal steel structure of your building and consists of 150 mils per coat, which is five times more than any other product on the market.

The Hilti All Weather High Build Spray is an efficient tool that every commercial building must have. Its long-lasting durability and high function in all weather conditions make it an excellent fire-stopping instrument. It has been tested to UL 263 / ASTM E119 standards and is approved for interior conditioned spaces, general-purpose interior use, and exterior use. Its versatility makes it an essential product that can prevent extreme damage caused during the event of a fire. GRM Sealants & Coatings are certified Hilti All Weather High Build Spray Installation Experts. Our highly-trained and accredited installers are skilled and stand by our work. Call GRM today for your next Fire Stopping Construction project.

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