October 7, 2022

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Everything You Need to Know About Building Envelope And Why You Need It?

The technologies in buildings are innovating in leaps and bounds. Today, technology has enabled us to make buildings more energy-efficient and robust than traditional or old buildings. Building envelopes is also one of the innovations that help commercial and residential buildings save utility and energy bills. In addition, it strengthens the foundation and performance of the building, especially during extreme weather like winter and summer.

Here is everything you need to know about building envelop and why you need it.

What Is a Building Envelope?

The building envelope is like a shell that protects people and the structure of the building. It prevents harsh weather or elements from getting through the building and causes inconvenience. For example, building envelopes trap the heat and cold air inside during winters and summers respectively. This maintains the room’s optimal temperature while keeping the air quality at its best. The primary role of building envelopes is to maintain the structure’s energy and prevent exponential energy bills.

What Are Two Types of Building Envelopes?

The two main types of building envelopes are tight and loose.

Tight envelopes – In order to achieve indoor environmental control, tight envelopes allow few air leaks with the help of sealants, insulation and energy-efficient windows. This enables residents to have more control over the indoor environment. In addition, it enhances the comfort level and reduces moisture issues.

Loose envelope – It leaves more room for natural ventilation. A loose envelope allows outside air to flow into the building and vice versa without needing mechanical means.

What Are the Functions of Building Envelopes?

The three main functions of building envelopes are structural support, climatic condition and aesthetic finish. Let’s explore each of these.

Structural support – Building envelopes strengthen and support the walls and structure of the building. However, the foundation must be robust to bear the structure’s weight.

Climatic condition – This is the primary function of the building envelope. It keeps the inside air in the building and outside air out of the building to prevent energy consumption and maintain the room’s temperature.

Aesthetic appeal – Building envelope comprises the exterior structure. Therefore, it has to be built keeping aesthetics in mind because the first thing people see is the appearance of the building.

Why Do You Need Building Envelopes?

Building envelopes are the best technology for your building as they offer beauty and safety and help you save money. This technology enables your property to save significant energy and improve the comfort and quality of your space. In addition, it will cut down energy costs, enabling you to invest in other areas of your business. Needless to add, building envelopes offer curb appeal, making your building stand out in the block.

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