July 12, 2022

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What to Consider When Hiring a Property Maintenance Contractors

The productivity and safety of employees depend on the efficiency of your building operations. Even a broken pipe or unwiped floor can jeopardize an employee’s safety and cause them inconvenience. To avoid this, your business needs to hire a property maintenance partner. They will prevent such inconvenience by regularly maintaining the property’s interior and exterior areas. It is crucial to hire a reputed, experienced, and reliable Property Maintenance Contractors for your business. Otherwise, the quality of work and business expenses will be compromised. Here are some important things to consider when hiring a Property Maintenance Contractors for your business.

Property Maintenance Contractors: Experience

Experience is the primary factor to check when hiring a Property Maintenance Contractors. Experienced contractors provides a skillset that is knowledgeable enough to handle challenging situations. They are emergency-ready. Experienced experts generally have preventive maintenance measures for property maintenance that eliminate risks and prevent repair expenses. You can also check the company’s position in the market and how efficient they are compared to competitors.

Price Structure For Property Maintenance Contractors

Firstly, you should know which services you require for your property and whether the Property Maintenance Contractors provides them. Then check their price structure for integrated facility services, and don’t forget to check for the hidden costs. Many companies won’t show the final cost of services to attract more clients/customers. To avoid this situation, include a detailed scope of work request and collect the price structure of different Property Maintenance Contractors, compare them, and see which one fits your budget. It’s also a good idea to ask your Property Maintenance Contractors if you are missing any critical scope gaps. For example, are permits required, and who is responsible? Do you require haul-away services in winter and is that included or is a schedule provided for variable costs?


It is essential to check the quality of the Property Maintenance Contractors’ services. Quality work demands highly trained skills, advanced technology, experience, and consistent training. You should review the background of the property maintenance firm and its employees’ qualifications. Research whether they use the latest technology for repair and maintenance and whether their employees get adequate training for designated jobs. You may also check the number of clients they have as it will determine their quality of service. What is their WCB rating? Are they COR certified? Do they have additional certifications such as SIMA accredited “Smart About Salt” and “Snow and Ice Management” training?


Another way to judge the firm’s authenticity, service, and relationship with its clients/customers is to check the online reviews. The online platform is the best medium to understand any company as that’s where clients/customers express their opinions, experiences, and quality of work. These reviews are unbiased. You may come across negative reviews, but do not solely judge the service on that. Instead, you can even cross-question the company about the situation and see how they respond. After comparing the reviews, you may feel more comfortable making a call.

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The right Property Maintenance Contractors can uplift the value of your property, reduce response time and help you save repair and maintenance expenses. GRM Inc. provides top-notch property maintenance services, covering landscaping, and HVAC maintenance to plumbing repairs and winter snow and ice management. We protect every corner of your property and leave no room for errors. Connect with us for further information.

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