September 22, 2022

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5 Types of Landscaping Services You’re Going to Need This Fall

Fall is the best time for landscape maintenance, as you can fix all damages before winter arrives. Ensure your trees are trimmed, plant new shrubs, and do a final mow and clean up on your lawns. Here are five landscaping services you must get done on your commercial property this fall.

Exterior and Landscape Pre-Season Inspections

Landscapes, walkways, and parking areas are your largest liability during the winter season. Performing a pre-season winter inspection is a great way to ensure your property is free of hazards that can become hidden dangers once the snow cover occurs. A thorough inspection should include catch basins, curbs, sidewalks, potholes and cracks, line painting, trees, shrubs, irrigation, and even the building envelope. Preventative maintenance will not only give your building and property a longer life and fresh appearance but also reduce liability and risk for your patrons and staff.

Tree Care, Shrub, and Perennial Plant Services

Fall is the perfect time to plant new trees, shrubs, and flora. The right time for planting is preferably six weeks before the first frost. Autumn would be the best time to get your property’s landscaping done. For trees existing on your property, fall would be the perfect opportunity to trim and prune dead branches. Trimmed trees will clear walkways and driveways and prevent any damage to your property. Apply fertilizers and make sure the newly planted trees are getting plenty of water to maintain their health throughout the long winter months.

Lawn Care Services

In order to get your grass length to two inches, your commercial lawn care provider should lower the mower height. This will ensure your grass doesn’t fall flat covered under snow and won’t grow mould in the warmer months. This is also the perfect season to plant new grass, especially when the grass is thin or where the land has any bald spots. Other lawn needs that should be taken care of during this time are applying fertilizer for nourishment and herbicides for improved weed control.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is simply clearing the leaves from your lawn, parking lots, and catch basins. Leaves can collect dirt and garbage along with water, causing a mess and, more importantly, blocking proper drainage and water flow. As commercial properties are large in size, it would be best to hire a professional contractor to do the job. They will have the right tools and equipment to clear your landscape. The end of fall would be the ideal time to schedule a leaf removal service. However, you can book them anytime throughout the year, depending on the number of leaves and debris collected on your property.

Winterization of the Irrigation System

During the cold winter months, the water can freeze and expand during cold temperatures damaging the irrigation system lines. It is ideal for installing an irrigation system that has been winterized. Repairing the damage done or getting a new system can usually be more expensive than getting your irrigation system winterized properly. Fall will be the right time to set up your system.

Contact GRM Inc. to get your property’s landscaping done today. We work on properties like big box stores, educational institutions, and international airports, among others. Our services range from property maintenance, snow and ice management, sealants, and coatings. Reach out to us today to get a free quote.


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