Stormy winters can occupy the parking lot, driveways, and sidewalks with snow and ice, bringing your business to a halt. Such icy roadways become dangerous to drive on, leading to many accidents. However, you can opt for an anti-icing service to prevent business loss. Anti-icing is an application of calcium chloride that prevents the formation of ice. It is the most economical and effective solution for your commercial property. Here are some benefits of anti-icing:

1) Commercial Ice Management Services: Enhances Safety

Facility Managers such as GRM, deploy Commercial Ice Management Services which include anti-icing, its chemical properties prevent snow formation on the surface and last for one to two weeks without precipitation. This can reduce and prevent falls and vehicle accidents, making the passage safe for pedestrians and employees. Anti-icing service is beneficial for your commercial area and property as it will never hamper your business routine. Additionally, it will make your employees feel safe and secure to access the workplace.

2) Protects the Environment

One of the fantastic benefits of anti-icing is that it does not harm the environment. It contains calcium chloride, which is used as a food ingredient in many dishes. So if you have plants or small gardens on your commercial property, anti-icing wouldn’t damage them. Additionally, it is significantly less toxic, which proves to be beneficial for employees and the environment.

3) Works Faster

Your business activities can’t wait, so the solution you use must be quick and effective. Anti-icing services are known for their practical and faster results. This solution can melt the ice quicker at -32°C, lasts for one to two weeks and even adheres to the formation of black ice. Whether you want to melt the ice from your commercial property or prevent any ice formations, anti-icing is the ultimate solution for you.

4) Preserves the Property

Commercial properties can be expensive; repairing any damage can put pressure on your business’ finances. Sometimes, commercial property and roadways can’t resist the chemicals put on them to prevent snow formation or other purposes, leading to the disfigurement of the property. However, one of the benefits of anti-icing is that its chemical contents would never damage the property. Whether it lasts for one week or two, it will keep the sidewalks, driveways, and pavements intact.

5) Works to be Cost-effective

Anti-icing is going to benefit you in multiple ways. When you apply anti-icing, you won’t have to worry about ice formation or the snow and ice removal process. Additionally, it will protect your commercial property from ice damage, enhancing its durability. Furthermore, it will prevent potential accidents. This way, anti-icing services will save you money in the long run.

Anti-icing service ensures that your critical business meetings are not delayed and your employees don’t face any inconveniences. Plus, it secures your property and employees from potential damage. To reap all the benefits of anti-icing, contact GRM Inc. – our highly experienced employees and advanced technology are ready to deliver flawless service.

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