December 22, 2021

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5 Tips for Preserving the Life of Your Asphalt Pavement

Time bears witness to the deteriorating quality of asphalt if it fails to receive proper maintenance periodically. Gradual debris, ultraviolet light, seasonal cracks or heavy traffic pressure might result in the dwindling structure of your asphalt. A regular inspection would work wonders in retaining the quality of the asphalt pavement and simultaneously increasing its longevity. Enlisted below are some of the few practices that could preserve the life of your eroding asphalt pavement.

Sweeping the Lot Seasonally Can Solve Many Of  Your Asphalt Pavement Problems

An accumulation of debris, leaves, dirt or standing water on your parking lot would deter you from maintaining its durability. Before winter strikes, it becomes quite necessary to clean the collected debris as the snow could trap them in the asphalt itself, which can incline towards a potentially adverse effect on your parking lot pavement. Furthermore, as the winter recedes, sweep the heaps of anti-icing salts and sand away. Harmful pollutants on the surface of the lot are not uncommon and should also be of concern. It is advisable to remove them with the help of your Facility Managers that employs the right professional lot sweepers and cleaners.

Sealing the Concrete

Sealing your asphalt becomes necessary to extend its life. The relentless year-round rain should be your primary concern as it allows the rainwater to settle in the pavement. This seepage of water and moisture strikes deep in the foundation of your pavement. Sealing your asphalt can make it waterproof and act as a barrier in constricting any water percolation. Not only that, but seal coating your asphalt will elevate its look and offer a smoother and shinier surface. It proves beneficial as seal coating lasts for a number of years and you don’t have to go through the hassle of executing it frequently.

Sealing the Cracks

Commercial properties often will have cracked pavement and are in need of crack sealing. This surely would be evident to the visitors and your property’s impression might suffer a great deal. A delay in sealing your cracks would only culminate in a greater expense on your asphalt. Various components contribute to its deterioration that might include: temperature, moisture, asphalt composition and crude oil source, among others, and it becomes necessary to seal these cracks as they form greater potholes and damages to your asphalt pavement. Call GRM Inc. today to guide and advise your facility at the first signs of crack formation. Our well-trained property maintenance contractor will visit your site, free of charge, and provide an overall consultation that will also include suggestions on any future needs such as Hilti Fire Stopping, commercial plumbing, concrete floor coatings, commercial power washing, Fire Prevention on Construction Sites, and a host of other services.

Repairing Potholes Promptly

Potholes pose safety issues for your employees and pedestrians if not repaired proactively. They are commonly formed by the contraction and expansion of water that has seeped into the cracks of your asphalt, weakening it significantly and forming even larger cracks. With the recurrent passage of vehicles over time, this cracked pavement proceeds to form potholes. Repairing potholes becomes necessary to eliminate the potential spending of a fortune over further damage. Moreover, you might be responsible for any hazard caused due to potholes on your property. Hence, getting your potholes repaired would be a wise choice.

Restricting Overweight Loads

Pavements such as parking lots come bearing their own capacity and tolerance. Any weightage exceeding their capacity can erode the quality of the asphalt. When you build pavements for your commercial properties, investigate the amount of weight your pavement has the potential to take and maintain the load throughout its lifetime. A low-quality pavement might seldom sustain a massive weight and not fall apart gradually. Therefore, reviewing your pavement weightage limits and restricting overweight loads will increase your pavements’ longevity.

Pavements are an integral part of your corporation and help sustain a greater property value with a prolonged lifespan. Not to mention, regular maintenance can save any regrettable accidents along with maintaining your property impressions to your visitors. To do that, contact GRM Inc. We are a reputable source of quality construction work and overlook your optimum pavement functioning with our field expertise. Our main office is located in Kelowna, BC, where we’ve expanded our services to also include kelowna landscaping, Line Painting Kelowna, and Parking Lot Cleaning Kelowna services. However, we are Western Canada’s largest Facility Management company with offices in many major cities. You’re invited to contact us to know more.

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